Sunday, April 13, 2008

Full Monty – I Liked This One

This movie is British and is full of British accent which means if you are not British or can’t understand British accent then its will be difficult for you to understand this one same as I had problem while watching it.
The movie is about a father who is on the verge of loosing his son cause he can’t afford to give a better living and also had some criminal charges against him. One day he gets an idea from the men stripper group in town, which was to go Full Monty in front of the female crowd, give them what they wanted and then he can generate money for himself. So he calls in his friends to search other members of the group. But there are still some questions to be answered such as will they be accepted because two guys in the group are skinny, one is fat and two are old. Will the group be a success? Many other questions are raised and solved in the movie.
But the moral of the movies is not to loose hope. How the group reaches the stage of the first performance is the story with many obstacles in the line.
Good movie to watch.
6.5 stars from 10 stars on my behalf.
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