Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Remember The Titans -- Denzal is like an conjuror

Have seen many of Denzal washington movies now but "Remember The Titans " still is my favorite Denzal movie. The man does it so easily that it makes tough for others to keep upto him.

The movie is just perfect to me. Comprising of inspiring performances by all the stars and crew. This can be easily seen by watching the movie cause the ultimate product(the movie is perfect). I like all the things about the movie starting from the performance put up by the actors to screenplay to distributing screen space between all the guys and a good script. I like the fact that the young actors of the movie were not dominated by the seniors in the movie, they all had their moments in the movie.

Don't know much about the technicalities of movie making but i'm sure when a movie is made which feels so good on screen then the technicalities must have been perfect. Wish Denzal would have won an oscar for that.
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