Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Madagarcar -- Animated movies are here to stay

If anybody in the world says that animated movies are for kids then he is the most stupid person of the world. With movies like Madagascar, Finding nemo, cars, happy feet etc there is so much for the kids to get inspire from. These are the perfect movies which induces the morals most important to make a good human being.

Like all the other animated movies, this movie too has a very good moral associated with it and adults of the world can also learn much from these kind of movies cause it doesn't seem that they still remember the morals taught to them when they were kids.

The movie have a good story line. The thing is i have seen another animated movie which was a bit similar to this movie. another thing is that i don't know much about "How to describe an animated movie". But take my words this is a good movie and should watch this movie. And also try to watch if not all then most of the animated movies.
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