Saturday, March 22, 2008


Movie is pretty good. I think the plot isn’t that new or something exciting but the end product the movie turned out to be good. Some credible performances make this movie worth watching.

The story start with an accident where the young kid survives and feels miserable and couldn’t save his father. Watching his father die in front of him makes him paranoid. Cut - to a year later, the boy still not fully recovered and hits out on his professor for saying something not so good. The boy gets a house hitched and now has to live in the boundaries of his house. Being bored he involves himself in a homicide murderer roaming in the city and thinks that his neighbor is the guy. Is the neighbor the homicide and how the boy nails him is the story.

The movie is good. Thrills you at some moment. Good to watch.

6.5 stars out of 10
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