Sunday, February 3, 2008


Submitted by -- Hitesh Rawat

I saw this movie on and saw that it was rated more than 7 star out of 10. And with a name like Tarantino associated with it made me believe to watch this movie. I have seen some of Tarantino’s work before and heard much about him as a director but this time I think it wasn’t as good as I expected.

May be not good at all. The movie is about a guy who goes on killing two groups of gals at different places at different times don’t exactly know why he did the killings. I think the movie I just like watching two different episodes of a same daily soap. It was just that in the first episode the man kills 4 girls in fact 5 girls and in second he tries to kill 3 more but this time the gals beat his ass out. Didn’t find any reason behind making the movie. By that I mean no actual message or something.

I didn’t like the movie and don’t recommend to anyone but would like to aware the viewers that this movie may not be want you people thought of.
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