Sunday, February 3, 2008

Discrimination in India

Submitted by -- Hitesh Rawat

I have heard much about India from the people, living in other countries or who are native Indians but now living in other countries, that India is the country they would like to spend their old age(after retirement). As a Indian it makes me feel proud that people love my country. But after thinking on it less than a minute, I realized that these people don’t know the ground realities here.

I was just watching a news channel on TV and heard about a Taxi Driver earning bread in Mumbai (an Indian Metropolitan) who is beaten by a group of people said to be belonging to a dominating political party of that state, just because the Taxi Driver was not from their own respective state of Maharastra. The news also stated that these people also went to some other people, first asking their name and if they found out that, that man isn’t from their own state, they beat him.

The reason I think behind all this was that people of Maharashtra think that they get less job (bread earning) opportunities because of the people from other states are also participating in the competition. I think this is stupid. People get jobs on their merit and this should be the ideal way of recruitment because an employer want appoint a person whose talent is best fitted to the job not because he is from the same state. But people beating others just for this reason isn’t that good.

The above incident is not only restricted to one single state of India but to many of the other too.

For me no argument can justify this action as a moralistic behavior.

And same I have heard about Indians being treated badly at other nations too, cause the local think they are swallowing their job opportunities.

This is one debate that I think can never end and also don’t have a solution until the whole world becomes a single village.
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