Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Good Will Hunting – really like Robin Williams in this.

Submitted by -- Hitesh Rawat

The movie is good, just rented a DVD of this movie and now thinking of buying one. The movie explores and tame the talented Will hunting (Matt), his world, as a person and his talent. The movie shows all the shades of the character which are beautifully portrayed by Matt. This is one of my favorite Matt Damon movies.

Also Robin Williams performance can’t be left unnoticed in the movie. I have seen a few Robin Williams movie but all of them where focused on kids, I mean the plots of the movies were related to kids. But this is the first movie that I saw casting Robin Williams in a character which is not dealing with kids stuff. I really like his performance in the movie and also i can admit that a couple of scenes in the movie where so touching that it made me felt crying.

The movie deals with a young, extremely talented boy named Will Hunting who works at M.I.T and secretly solves the mathematical puzzles put forward for the students. One of the professors recognizes talent and offers him to give a chance to him to improve and direct his talent so that Will then won’t have to serve the term in jail, because of some crime he did. The professor also asks his friend Sean McGuire to consult Will as a therapist.

How Robin Williams direct Will’s talent and genius towards the best and how Will copes up with the emotional turmoil’s of his past and future life is the movie.

This is a great movie so I’d like all the readers to watch this movie.
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