Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Bottoms Up – What the hell??

Submitted by -- Hitesh Rawat

This is one of the worst movies of all time. I read about this movie before and just saw this movie to know how bad a movie can be. There are lots of questions which can be asked about this movie. My favorite and I think a major question will why cast Paris Hilton ??? She was terrible in the movie. I mean didn’t saw any real expression on her face during the whole movie. Her performance felt as if there is a mannequin placed in front of the camera. The other aspects of the movie where not also treated well.

There are many better ways to waste an hour of your day than watching this movie. My friends told me that I didn’t like the movie cause I never liked Paris Hilton and some times I also feel like that but when I think more I realize there is nothing to like about the movie. Yes Paris hasn’t put up even a satisfying performance but I’m convince that if she had performed better or more than that, then also the movie has many weak aspects to save the movie from being flop.

I wouldn’t suggest you this movie for sure.
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