Friday, June 19, 2015

Take a Break - Ooty and Coonoor

It isn't difficult to find eateries in cities where tourists line up all year long. Ooty and Coonoor is one of these places. Though, being the hardcore North India food lover, it isn't easy for me to adjust to the South Indian food and their eating culture. So, the first thing I search for after getting down in a new city is to find the good North Indian serving eateries.

So, I was stayed one day each in Ooty and Coonoor. I landed two good places serving great food. First was the Earl's Secret of King's Cliff which was a bit far from Ooty railway station, however, eating in a glass house especially when its raining, make it worth your money. The property seemed pretty old, reflecting ancient English architecture.

The food left me wishing that if only the food was as good as the weather outside, then, it would have been among my top three places to eat I have eaten, yet. It goes without saying that Earl's Secret is for the elite class with an average cost of 1600-1800 INR for two people, especially when the food's taste or quality doesn't match its price. However, the property is so beautiful that I don't mind spending. In case, you are travelling with someone especial, then, this is one must visit place.

Glass House - Earl's Secret
The second best of the trip was Hydrabad Birayni House in Coonoor. Its close to Coonoor railway station. Would you be amazed to hear that their Biryani was their USP? Naah, right. Me too. But, it was among the top three Biryani's I have ever had. They serve biryani's in three sizes. Everyone knows at least one of those people who would eat as if they have been living in a dessert for last 2 years. If you know such a person, then, call her/him and challenge them to finish one large serving of HBH Biryani and bet your life earning on it. Even you home or life, I you will. HBH is exactly for those kind of people who live to eat. I would highly recommend HBH, not just for their sumptuous food but also to their great taste. I couldn't try much after ordering their biryani for obvious reasons.

If you ever get a chance to visit these place, then, try to keep an eye for these places. Also, if you tell them that I have referred you, then, you might have to pay for dessert which we didn't.

"Its monsoon in India and probably not a good time to travel" who so ever tells you this, tell them to STFU. Take some time out, visit places, when ever you get some time take a break from this hectic lifestyle.

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