Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Token Ka Jaadu

This is a comeback. Well at-least, I believe it is and if you are reading this, then, its a comeback for you too. So, you don't get into the comeback and I'll try to be regular this year.

The year started with a small skit performed right in front of my home recently(read today). So, Mother Dairy has already posted about the skit a couple of weeks ago. The skit was to spread awareness of Mother Dairy's toned Milk and how it is better than other varieties of Milk available at Mother Dairy. Following are few :-

         1: - It reduces the Carbon footprint cause it doesn't require any packaging,
         2: - The quality of the Milk is same as others available, just, less fatty,
         3: - It is easily available cause of mass production.

Other than the advantages, that the performers sang about throughout, the real eye catcher was the enthusiasm of the skit performers. After arriving on time, they had to struggle to find and gather people to the venue. They went on and round and round to different streets and parks urging people to come to the venue and be part of the awareness program. Ultimately, when they did gather a substantial crowd, they started. They immediately found support from the crowd, who were singing and dancing along, especially the toddlers.

It a was small 10 minutes skit but an effective one. It encouraged people to drink milk and toned milk, specifically and to all age group. The skit was aimed to all age groups and spreading advantages of milk in all age groups.

It felt good to see the initiative from Mother Dairy and thus, they deserve a thumbs up for the effort. Same goes for the ENTHUSIASTIC BUNCH OF PERFORMERS.

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