Saturday, July 31, 2010

Photo ID's

Earlier, in my childhood, we ere a big group of friends. I always wanted to have a secret symbol or a special gang ID. But, it wasn't an easy job at time. The technology to do that was too rare and expensive. We tried making it by hands but it didn't came out of be something we wanted. However, we still did carry them. It was our own little secret which only the members knew. We used to hangout together, have get together, especially on the vacations or on festivals. Those were great and fun days.

Recently, when i joined the new gym, i was amazed to see how easily the made my photo ID. It was just a matter of minutes and a few clicks. When, i searched about these new machines, i found how easy this machine makes for someone, who may not be good with technology, to create photo ID cards with the new badge printer which takes pictures of the person and prints it on the badge in a format you want. It is really as easy as it sound.
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