Saturday, June 26, 2010

Valley Of Flowers - Love Lives, Lovers May Not

I was wandering around on IMDB, when read about this movie. I was intrigued towards watching this movie after reading brilliants comments by the users and also looking at the Indian Cast in the movie.


The only two people I have know from the movie were Nasir-ud-din Shah and Milind Soman. Nasir is a brilliant actor and i admire him as an actor. He doesn’t have to prove anything. He is already at the top of my favorite actors list. However, i won’t say had faith in Milind though I always liked his choice movies. From “Rules” to “16 December”, he always tried doing something better and different but the fact that he never succeeded in that. None of his movie did a big or even a decent business in the market and being a model-cum-actor, I don’t think he would have found many believing in his acting skills.

Other than the two, the whole cast was new and after reading so much about the movie, I knew that I was in for a treat.


The movie is based in Himalayas some 200 years ago. Milind (Jalan), leader of a bunch of looters, who used to rob the silk traders who used to travel through Himalayas to go to India to sell the silk. During, one of the robberies a girl from the herd stays back and asks Jalan to keep her with him. Jalan, living any from any human civilization bring her with himself and after a night of pleasure he asks her to leave and catch up with the people with whom she came the valley. But the girl, Ushna, wants to stay with them. Jalan decides to keep her with the herd even after when other members oppose the decision.

Ushna, proves to be worth of being in the herd when she takes them to different lands in search of more money. Slowly Jalan falls in love with Ushna. Ushna convinces Jalan about a potion which will make them immortal. Jalan goes on with ushna to take then immortal potion but the rest of the herd decides to abandon them.

Ushna and Jalan follow the potion and ultimately get them. However, they realize that Nasir (yeti) is following them to stop them from reaching their destination.

Immediately, after drinking the potion, yeti catches both of them. Jalan thinking that both of them are now immortal shoots at Ushna but Ushna dies of that bullet and Yeti let go of Jalan so that he will live alone, regrets and suffers throughout his whole life.

Jalan lives through decades till present year 2006, where he is now a doctor who helps people towards natural death.

How the story does ends? Does Jalan ever dies? 

Good Points

I find the movie pretty good. It’s a nice love story with some supernatural touch to the movie and the movie also has good performances by all the actors. Best thing about the movie is its cinematography. The way it movie have been shot in the beautiful valleys of Himalayas is amazing. I also liked the way the local actors and people have been utilized. The way they speak, their traditions, myths, culture and everything is shown is wonderful. I would also like to praise the background score of the movie.

Bad Points

The movie is too slow and most of the time you’ll feel like it’s been dragged, also fewer amounts of dialogs also make help the same. I think about 30-40 percent or more of the movie doesn’t have any dialogs which may induce boredom to the people.

The story line of the movie is also a confusing. You really have to dig deep to understand it and which is something not many people like to while watching a movie. It’s certainly not an entertainer kind of movie which throws many exciting events to the audience but it’s a good love story.

Watch this if with content and time in hand.


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