Monday, October 5, 2009

Directing Drew

This Friday released WHIP IT. I don't know if you have heard about it, but this is the first movie Drew Barrymore is directing. Why am i interested? She is THE women i like........she is rite there at the top with a few more.

The first time i saw Drew on screen in the movie 50 First Dates. An awesome movie. Then, yes i fell in love with the beautiful lady. Then, again after a couple of months later i saw her in the movie E.T. and i said to myself "i would love to have a baby girl like that". She had those chubby cheeks whom you'll be compelled to squeeze till they become red. Then she had this awesome smile. I was like :o .

And you know, although she is 34 now, she carries the same smile on her face. Watching her smile reminds me of watching her smiling and screaming in the movie E.T. After that i have seen almost all the Drew Barrymore movies some of my favorites which you should also watch even if you have seen them ........ Wedding singer, Never Been Kissed, Ever After, Riding Cars with Boys (Watch when scene where she dances for her son Jason in the movie), Poison Ivy, Lucky you, Fever Pitch, Duplex etc. And its not just acting, she had produced some really good awesome movies like Donnie Darko, Curious George,Fever Pitch, Duplex etc.

She has now stepped into the shoes of a director and i know she's going to rock in this role too.

P.S. :- If you have seen the movie, plz tell me how it is cause it will take atleast 2-3 months to release it in India.
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