Tuesday, November 20, 2012


We are now almost Taliban. People being arrested or being attacked on for their views. Hmm… well, that’s what exactly the greats and legends have gone through around the world, many a times in their life. Now, considering this, I’m confused to congratulate people like Malala Yousafzai(student and education activist), Pakistan or Razan Ghazzawi (blogger and activist), Syria.

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The recent show rage and disruption caused against someone’s view on national activity (talking about the “bandh”) in India – the largest Democracy, as they (the government) boasts of as an opportunist, here and there, now and then. Well, if I was in shoes of people who control this, I would have chosen not to do anything like this and let the view of that “commoner” die its own little, pitiful life rather than trying to make an example out of the commoner and thus, giving one the much needed fame and popularity they needed to be the next activist or great or leader. You don’t want to give someone opportunities like this and give them that push which may push them across the threshold and then you have a new enemy in line.

I have no idea where I started from and where am I leading to. I’m all in for free speech but think if I’d be holding the position of a suppresser or dominant, I believe, I would have done a better job.
It’s great to have a couple of readers and thus, I believe this won’t land me into any kind of troubles.
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