Saturday, September 17, 2011

Are you an Enthusiast?

When I saw 127 hours, the movie by Danny Boyle, the one thought which was going round and round in my mind was can I, in my wildest dreams, do this? No, not axing my arm off my body, but to travel into a country side with no signs of humanity around, alone.

Then, may be I am not cut to be like this but i would certainly love to do something similar one day. Moving away from the culture and all the noises, somewhere far enough, quite enough for one to hear oneself. No wonder people retire and move to places like these and take a much deserved break from the hectic schedules of life and just indulge in the air and calmness.

Though, i feel its still to early to say something like this but I would certainly want move to a place similar in the latter years of my years. Well, being a googler, i tried googling my thought this instance again and found some interesting results. The one on the top was Boulder real estate, which seemed like a great place to escape to. You can find the various or may be all of the Boulder CO homes for sale and choose the fittest for your pocket and dreams.

Today's recommendation, take a back seat from your regular chores and just fall back to your childhood.

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