Thursday, August 18, 2011


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I'm a great fan of Flash games. They are light in size and attractive in looks plus the best thing about Flash games is that as they smaller in size, they have to be smart. I have played many a flash games and loved them all. They really challenge you to a different level. And as they don't require any else then you usual computer and an environment to run flash and as flash player is available easily, hence, they can be called system independent. Most of the flash games i have played were online games and playing an online game is a fun of different kind.

The new/latest flash game i have found in the Bingopocalypse. I loved the game. The graphics, strategy and how it makes you think hard to move to next level. I would suggest all to give it go and Play Bingopocalypse. This is a single player game where you have to help Eric save the mutated hamsters with different kind of tools which would be provided depending on the level you are. You can save the mutated hamsters by making them jump, fly. climb etc.

I went to the webpage to read and check more about the game and i ended playing the game upto 6 levels and spending about half hour. This is really gripping.

Give it a try.

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