Saturday, February 12, 2011

See, No Knee Caps !!!!

It’s been more than a month now and finally, I’m off my physiotherapy sessions and can take my knee caps off. Past one month was the best of my life as I was denied to play or run, which I found, how much I liked/loved.

The injury goes back to 30th of December 2010. We had a company outing. I was excited to be on this trip unlike many others as they had been to these trips earlier. Me being the new one in the company and the team wanted to know more and most of the people and these outings are really a great chance to know the who’s who of the company.

Moving on, as soon as we reached the place, I was able to find a cricket pitch with all the equipments. It’s like a moth to the flame. I automatically find them. J

However, it’s wasn’t the best of outing on the ground for me as I got injured or ruptured on of the cartilage in my knee. It would have been less painful if I hadn’t ignored it. But, I do get out of control on the field. I thought of it as a minor pain which will get over in moments but it didn’t. After the game, I wasn’t even able to bend my knee and it was really painful and thus, I ruined my outing.

Eventually, I had to take an off the other day which clubbed to be a three day off which helped a lot. But, still it wasn’t enough. I consulted to an Orthopedic, who told me that I had a ruptured cartilage which has swollen and started the painful days. Although, I wasn’t suggested a complete bed rest but think that would have been much better. For the next one month, till the physiotherapy lasted, I couldn’t take stairs or if had to, then had to climb one step at a time.

But, at the end (hoping this is the end), I can now again run, be not dependent on elevators and most importantly, I can play again. Even though, I’m not a professional in this game, but I surely love it a lot.

And this is it, I’m done with the medication and exercises and life is back to normal.

Hey, by the way, the Cricket World Cup is starting by next week 19th Feb 2011. I’m going to be glued to the TV. What’s your plan?
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