Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Sports Betting

Even though betting is illegal on my favorite sports but i believe betting is not a bad thing, if it doesn't affect the sport in a bad manner. Betting is regarded as something bad but it is exactly the same as gambling but with good odds. Betting is the process where one person tries to predict a result of a game or a match between two teams and bets on his/her prediction.

Yes, sports betting is illegal in many counties like US but enforcing laws is not that easy. I believe, if gambling is legal, so should be betting but it doesn't affect the course of the game is what one have to keep in mind. There have been many scandals related to people bribing players to fix the outcome of the matches. One of the most popular scandal of all time was the “Black Sox” scandal when a gangster paid as much as 8 players of White Sox and fixed the outcome.

Well, my suggestion would only be to go though a proper and safe channels of sports betting and not get involved in any kind of mess. Now a days, online sports betting is one the most famous channel. You check this portal for detailed information about different kind of sports betting like football betting, Baseball, Basketball betting and many more. The betting portals listed here are the safest channel and are rated best on the internet. You also get many tips and tricks on sports betting on this portal, so that you can know the game better before you enter it.

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