Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Pink Ribbons

I didn’t know this, but I have recently learned that October is celebrated as the Breast Cancer Awareness Month, also known as BCAM. This cause, and companies that support it, have grown significantly. It is a time when companies who support the cause demonstrate their support through company donations, campaigns, and the use of promotional products to help raise public awareness and increase funding for breast cancer research.

Today, I’m proudly promoting pink ribbon products from Positivepromotions.com. Positive promotions, a trusted Industry leader in supplying quality promotional products, has over 180 new pink products for companies who wish to support breast cancer awareness, and show their support through the purchase and distribution of these products. The products are unique, good quality, inexpensive, and customized imprinting is also available. In a recent press release Positivepromotions.com gives businesses ROI Boost it speaks to the benefits that companies can receive when they use quality promotional products to support a cause. When given a choice, people have been shown to choose products that support a cause over those that don't. That makes total sense to me. If I know that something will be donated to a cause I believe in if I buy a product from a company that supports the cause, then I would buy that product over others. Or if I am aware that a company is aligned with a cause I care about, I would buy their product over a competitor's.

Companies that buy quality promotional products and align themselves with a cause are increasing their image of social responsibility and their appearance of caring. This increase in public awareness about the cause, and about the company, benefits both the company and the cause. The buzz created increases awareness, support, and donations, both from companies and from those who participate in company campaigns. I remember when I was graduation, the LiveStrong bands became famous both for style and for their message. Almost everybody in my college had one. I use to wear a pink and white one. The colors were interlinked and I loved wearing it. It sparked conversation with strangers I would meet who would ask me about it. I would proudly tell them that I’m promoting breast cancer awareness. Many people believe that promotional products are useless and people are just using them to promote their products and make more money. But I believe every little bit we can do can make a difference, especially when companies believe in the causes they support, and align themselves with a company that uses quality promotional products. If you want to participate or create a buzz among people about the promotional products for Breast Cancer Awareness Month, then please visit the web portal for detailed information.

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