Friday, September 10, 2010

Bull Bars

Recently, i saw this beautiful grill guard/bumper guard on a hummer. First thing, it's not usual to watch a hummer in  this part of the world but i do get to see some rare hummers. Hummer is anyways a great accessories but the guy who had this hummer, did a great work with the accessories. He had this awesome looking push bar in front of the hummer which gave the already manly looking Hummer a more manly look.

With so many different kind of car accessories available in the market, everybody tries to do something different with their car like adding a tattoo, getting some additional parts like dual exhaust or wings, bumpers etc. I have seen many people adding these accessories to their cars. Though, people don't experiment with the new cars but with these accessories your old car can be changed and can be given a new look.

The push bars is my favorite and i believe, the most popular among the youth. I also like dual exhaust. I believe a nice looking car can be made into an awesome looking car with good accessories.

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