Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Tenacious D in The Pick of Destiny

Hey All,

First about the movie, Tenacious D in The Pick of Destiny, is that it's a Jack Black movie. So what? That's a rude question. For many of my friends and a bit for me, this is enough to watch a movie. I first saw this movie when i was browsing though Jack Black's movies and this one caught my eye because of an unusual name.

Well, Jack Black and Jim Carry are two people whom i admire a lot. Both of them have rose from level zero to the best in the business today, from playing supporting roles to playing the main lead in big budget movies and succeeding in them.


Well, i didn't ask for much after seeing Jack Black's name in the list. You must have figured it out by now that i'm a big Jack Black fan. I haven't heard much about the other cast of the movie, before and after watching the movie.


JB(Jack Black) is a rocker who is born in a catholic family. His father doesn't like what he does and forbids him from rocking anymore. But, JB revolts and runs away from home to the land of dreams, "Hollywood". While, wandering down the streets, he sees a man playing guitar. He loved the way KG(Kyle Gass) rocks and asks him to make a band with him. But, KG denies. Later, that night, when KG finds JB lying on the road being beaten by thugs, KG offers him shelter and takes him to his home. With JB's constant request, KG decides to teach JB "how to rock". They make a band and perform at the local restaurant but gets rejected. While, trying to write a master piece for the next gig, they find a unusual connection between all the greatest rockers there ever been. THE GUITAR PICK. All of them used the same guitar pick.

Then, starts their journey in search of the PICK. How do they get to the pick? What is the secret of the PICK? This all unveils as the story progresses.

Good Points

Jack Black is the high point of the movie. With his kind of comic timing and amazing acting, this movie is a treat to watch. I loved all the songs and lyrics in the movie. The movie is a complete entertainer.

Bad Points

Well, being a movie based on rock music, most of the songs have very offensive language but that wouldn't matter, if you're an adult.

7/10 from me.
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