Friday, August 20, 2010

The Month Of August

Don't know how this month started but the end is killing me. Right now, i feel like i standing in an empty room and all the four wall are closing into me. It's getting really scary here. There have been days when i thought of leaving everything and running away. The days when i had no confidence in me or what i was doing. When everything looked going downwards. Days when everyone, doing anything seemed stupid. Days when watching FRIENDS on felt stupid.

But, this isn't the first time this is happening to me. I have been through the worse and me writing this post means that i have made it through. I won't say, this is the worst i have been through but this is will make it to be one of worst list.

Next 10 days are very crucial. I need to patient for this. I'll trying to hold on but i can't see me holding it that long but it's still worth a try or let me rephrase it "what other options do i have" .

If, will make it through, there will be a big .... a really big announcement, here.

Holding On
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