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Aisha – Style Over Substance

Aisha made a huge hype before its release and majorly because of Abhay Deol, not Sonam Kapoor. The movie also came into news because it is one of those rare woman oriented movies made in India. It is another Anil Kapoor’s home production so it was obvious that Kapoor family will be part of it. Sonam was the leading lady and Rhea the director.

This movie almost feels like a commercial of big brands like Dior, Elle, L'Oreal and other, which got more importance that the important characters.


Sonam Kapoor should be sent into acting classes or if Abhay can give her some lessons than that would be good too. Sonam, was never convincing as the character Aisha. My perception of Aisha was that the character should be extremely confident of her personality and style because they show her as a style icon and also promoted the same but almost all scenes with Abhay Deol, Sonam seemed so vulnerable and intimidated. Whatever it was but it was surely not confidence.

Abhay Deol is the best among his contemporaries and I can bet on that, though, I felt his character must have given more importance and footage than what it got. Abhay was perfect with his comic timing. I’m a huge fan of him and haven’t missed a single movie of Abhay’s movie

Ira Dubey, daughter of Lillete Dubey, will now be known as Ira Dubey. She was the outstanding performer in the cast. Her portrayal of Pinky was the best and i loved her character the most from the movie. She was successful in showing all the different aspect of the character.

Amrita Puri was a shocker. I hadn’t heard much about her before this movie but think will going to hear a lot after this one. She plays this girl who is from a small town in Punjab who is forced to be one of the high society girls. Her portrayal of small town girl was so convincing that I actually searched for her interviews, after the movie, is she really a small town girl.

I believe Cyrus Sahukar also delivered a commendable performance. However, again, felt he should have been given more footage.

One thing I want to point out which I felt really irritating was importance given to Sonam’s character. Yes, it was the lead character and the movie is named after this character but her performance was so irritating that I was more intrigued to know what’s happening with the secondary characters than Aisha.


Well, many a times I felt if there is any plot in this movie but anyways here it goes. Aisha is a younger daughter of a rich family. Aisha is a style icon, at least which is what they wanted us to know. Aisha, who is more interested in others life than her own, is a self proclaimed cupid. Shefali is a small town girl moved to Delhi to get married to a rich guy. Aisha, self pronounced cupid, tries to set her up with Randhir, who actually loves Aisha. Aisha takes shefali as a project (which reminded me of” Mean Girls”) and gives her a makeover from a village girl to an urban girl. But, when Randhir tell her that he is interested in her not shefali, she first rejects him and then starts over to find a new guy for her, knowing that shefali likes a middle class guy form her town.

She messes both Pinky’s and Shefali’s life by imposing her decisions on them. After which both of her friends leave her. See, I summarized the whole story without even talking about Abhay’s character and this is why I think his character should have got more footage.

Anyways, Abhay plays Arjur, neighbor and friend of Aisha, who always criticizes Aisha for interfering in others life including her friends. Arjun is the one person who is always trying to bring Aisha back to reality or ground, but he is a good friend. Arjun is the one person Aisha falls back to whenever in need. Both of them love each other but not able to tell the other.

How Aisha and Arjun get together and where her relationship with her friends goes is the climax of the movie.

Good Things

The movie was good songs and music. You will surely get some styling tips from the movie also. Though, there aren’t many scenes without Aisha/Sonam but all of them are really good.

Bad Things

Sonam kapoor, I believe, if you can somehow get rid of Sonam or get her replaced, then this movie would have been much better.

5/10 from me.
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