Thursday, July 22, 2010

Rajneeti - Mordern Day Mahabharat

When the promos of Rajneeti started appearing on the theater screen and television, it was quite obvious have high expectations from the movie. With an great ensemble, this movie was looking to the one of the most promising movies of the year.


Prakash Jha is back with another movie and he brought many big actors in the industry together with his usual great cast. Starting with Ajay Devgan, this was the fourth movie together after three successful movies. Both of them have always brought up some serious work  like Gangajal and Apaharan.

Nana patekar, another actor in the list who doesn't need an introduction. This is his second movie with Prakash Jha after successful "Apaharan". Nana known to be one of the most serious actors and putting up great performances every time.

The movie also casts Manoj Vajpayee. Another, actor known for his acting skills and attitude.

Katrina Kaif, Ranbir Kapoor and Arjun Rampal, also playing important characters in the movie delivered good performances. However, i wouldn't say they were as good as others. I don't know why, but i still can't stand Arjun Rampal as an actor. Though, he was not too bad in the movie but i would point him out for delivering the worst performance in the movie.

Ranbir Kapoor is one actor who is improving movie by movie and managed to deliver a credible performance. While, talking about Kartrina Kaif, i won't say this was her best performance. She could have done better. She has done better in New York.

Other than the lead characters, there were good performances by the supporting cast too.


If you have read, seen or even heard about Mahabharat, then you must have recognized the resemblance between Mahabharat and Rajneeti. The movie follows the same storyline, however, in the modern era.

You'll find an equivalent of every character in Rajneeti, in Mahabharat, such as Ajay Devgan played Karna, Nana Patekar played Bhisma and Krishna, Manoj Vajpayee played Duryodhan and Ranbir's character can be related to Arjun.The various events in the movie also proved the resemblance to the greatest Epic of Indian Literature.

Good Things

Well, everything i'd say. This is one the best Hindi movies of this year with great performances delivered by everybody in the cast, well, you can lay off some of them but overall the performance in pretty convincing. Directing is at it's best. It's not easy to pick as Epic as big as Mahabharat and making a movie out of it based in modern era. Prakash Jha as done it brilliantly with this movie.

Bad Things

Bad things, well you tell me one if you find one.

8/10 from me.
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