Friday, July 30, 2010

Men Are Dogs

Well, I have been told this a lot of times but until this day, it was never proven. The story I’m writing below proved to me that guys can and will do anything to everything for a girl.

The story is about my friend. He and his “said to be Girlfriend” were in the same batch of the same college. I knew the guy because of a couple of mutual friends. To quote the guy, “I fell for the girl in just one look. It was love at first sight.”

Yea, he was a jerk and at the end you’ll know it too. This girl, whom he always called his girlfriend, never called him his boyfriend in public. They were committed and in a relationship but unfortunately on in public. Whenever asked by other class mates about their relationship, she always denied it and to top it all, she used to go out with other guys too. Yea, the girl was to smart or my friend was a jackass (I have another word to describe the guy but not using it to maintain some decency). But, after college hours are over, the girl used switch mode to his girl friend. She used to go out with him, used to call him over to her home when nobody was around for some ding-dong and used to call him and talk to him everyday from 11-2 PM.

Well, outside college premises, she was the perfect girl friend but what happened to her outside it was a mystery to us and to the guy. We persuaded the guy and convinced him to ask her for a “show cause notice” for not admitting of their relationship publically. So, one day, he recollected all the courage and self-respect (which he lost in the relationship) and asked her in the question:-

BF: - Why didn’t you tell A about our relationship?
GF: - Why does it matter so much to you? Chuck it.
BF: - No, I want an answer today. It’s been more than a year since we started seeing each other and still you are denying our relationship. You didn’t even tell it to the B, when he proposed to you. What are you trying to do?
GF: - Why are you concerned about what others think? You know we are together, then why all these questions?

After, confronting her and a heated discussion, the guy out of rage called her “bitch” and “whore”. In reply, the girl bitch slapped the guy. P.S. All this happened, in the college canteen with more than 50 people. This was the last time they talked.

The girl took the breakup much better than the guy which reflected on the semesters results. The girl excelled with distinction and the guy failed in all five subjects leading to a year back which means he had to repeat the year.

It’s difficult to describe what he went through. This was the worst case of bad romance I had seen, obviously, excluding, a couple of honor killings I saw.

But, this love story made me learn that you should never love a girl to such an extent that she can easily sabotage your life like this. I heard this song on Facebook called “Facebook is a stupid Idiot”; well, for me “Love is also a stupid idiot”.
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