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A Friend Called "Morale Booster"


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I thought this would be the easiest topic to write about. But, it’s proving to be such a pain in the rear. Actually, this is all happening cause this is the first time I’m trying to categorize my friends as best, good and not-so-good friends. It’s because of the same reason it’s so difficult to choose one especial person from a huge group of people.

Sam And Frodo

The choice, really, isn’t easy for me. I had to go really deep down memory lane to recollect all those instances when and where someone became my savior for the day. Who is that one person? Can it be my friend who got beaten up, for the thing I did, by the teacher and he didn’t blame it on me. Can it be my friend who helped me with my studies, even if helping me, at that moment could have affect S’s own results? Or is it the person who trusts me more than anyone and shares secrets with me?

I tried searching internet for a definition of a Best Friend, so that, I can fit in one person from my life to it and see if he/she matches the ideal/best friend’s arguments. But friend/best friend is one term/word which even google couldn’t define.

So, to come out of this dilemma, I choose, which can be categorized as THE lamest question, the “Who is that one person (friend) I’d take with me to a deserted island??”

The only name which came to my mind was of S’s. S is one person who has always been there. S is my “I’ll be there for you” person. Some one who’d always be there when I look behind. S has never bored me. S is the only person with whom I can converse with more than 5 mins without getting distracted. S is the person who picks my calls even if I call at 2 in the midnight.
Chandler and Joey

S and I go long back. We were school classmates. I exactly remember the day when I joined my new school and my class teacher told me go sit with S as she knew me and S come from same locality and that I knew S before. We spent 7 great school years together. We used to spend the whole summer vacation together, if, not waiting for each other to return. It’s difficult to describe how we came close and how the bond became stronger. It wasn’t just one moment which changed everything. It was an effort we both had put, over the years, in every moment, every other day to build up the trust we share today.

Today, it’s been exactly one year and three months since I left my home (1st May 09). But, cause of S, I never feel alone in this city even when I’m living alone here. S told me to call S whenever and whatever it is about and it was S’s word which S always stood by. I don’t miss here in Bangalore because S is the first person I talk to whenever I’m alone.

Jai And Veeru

S is my “Morale Booster”. I gave S the nick name “morale booster” a couple of months ago. It was, again, one those “not my best” days coupled with lonely night in Bangalore. I called up S as usual and we had which I described THE best conversation, though I don’t remember all of our conversations but this one is definitely going to be with me for a long time. I was low because of all the happy news I was hearing about my friends like someone getting promoted, another getting married, one becoming a father and then someone buying a home. That day S told me, “When you are aiming for success, it’s the direction which matters not the pace”. This raised my confidence to the highest level for next 3 days before my fickle nature again brought it down. I don’t know how S does it, but it seems pretty easy for S to induce confidence in me, though, S is still working on making it last longer.

I know S isn’t an extraordinary person. You don’t have to be to touch someone’s life. Friendship is a beautiful relationship. Your friends are reflections of how good are you at decision making. Yea, it’s filmy to say but you choose your friends and being friend with S is one decision which proves that I don’t suck at decision making. I’ll also take it as a reference of my decision making skill.

I still don’t know what’s a definition of a best friend? But, for time being, I think I’ll leave it off at “S”.

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