Friday, June 11, 2010

You Are Old

Hey All,

It's been sometime since i posted something. I have been thinking of writing this for a long time but never got the time or the correct time to post it. This post is about how you can judge if a person, especially a guy, can no longer be counted as YOUNG. Well, this theory doesn't depend on the age of a particular person, so we are not discriminating but yes we are dividing people among generations.

Okay, here it goes, YOU ARE OLD IF :-

1- You can't understand the jokes of younger generation.
2- You are watching television and can't guess if you watching a live show or a re-run/ highlights/reply in a game.
3- You can't remember any of the hot actresses of the current generation.
4- You start any conversation saying "In my days.........".
5- You take more interest in politics than movies and games.
6- If your favorite actor or actress ages more than 50.
7- You can't name the whole of your fav team's members.
8- You can tell the whole geography of your city and state precisely and also can tell how to reach the place.
9- All you talk about is work, life and family. 
10- If you still listen to Strings "Summer to 69".
10-You have a list of 5 things but you ramble on to make it 10.

Okay, i may sound crazy after this.........but if you find yourself matching atleast 5 of them.......then you are part of older generation......... doesn't matter if you 15 or 50. (According To My Theory)

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