Monday, June 21, 2010

Smile Behind the Veil

Hey All,

I clearly remember this day. I had newly shifted to the new city, Bangalore/Bengaluru, and didn't know many people around expect a couple of school mates and my cousin. I moved in with my friend and comuted daily via public bus service to my workplace. I was very used to buses as that was the mode of transportation for me throughout my
graduation. I like traveling in buses but yea, having a vehicle at your disposal is different and preferred.

So, this was one of those days to office, I was waiting for the bus on the bus stop and being a single guy in the city, i was looking ogling at almost every beautiful girl around me. While, i was looking ogling at girls, suddenly i saw the bus coming. I'm a calm bus boarding guy. I don't rush in to the bus to grab the best seat. As there was already a long queue and man handling going on at one door of the bus, i opted for the other door because of lesser crowd. I had my ear phones plugged and was listening to music and was about to board the bus, when i was suddenly pushed forcefully. In a second, i saw a women/girl/lady, obviously a female, who pushed me in order to get into the bus first as the driver had already started moving the bus. She pushed me and went in and i followed after that. Inside the bus, she looked at me and said something. Obviously, i didn't hear what she said cause i had my earphones and was listening to loud music.

I paused it, i gave her an eye signal "What ???"
She said "&(*&^*^&*^*^%^&%" (No, she wasn't abusing me, this is tell that she spoke in a language which i didn't understand)
I told her, "I don't understand Kannad(a Language Spoken In Southern India) "
She said, "I was saying i'm sorry for pushing you"
Me, "It's alright, may be i have done the same............well.....i would never do the same.....but it's fine."

She smiled at me. I know she did, i could tell that by looking at her eyes, though that only the only part of her i saw. She was a Muslim lady/girl/women, definitely a female. Apparently, here in Bangalore Muslim women wearing Burkha/veil is very usual which wasn't in Delhi.

Muslim women are very beautiful and yea, i have seen many and i know many people would double that vote, however, the only agony is that they wear burkha and we don't get to see them.

I wish i had a better luck.
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