Thursday, June 17, 2010

Schedule Online

I have always had problem with discipline and though i have always believed for being successful discipline is the most important thing, but i never managed to achieve. There are a few other things which affect discipline would be determination and both go hand in achieve one you have to have the other.

Scheduling work is the biggest issue i face frequently because of above two reasons. I try to search and find some new ways of scheduling my work so that it becomes more efficient. Then, i stumbled on Scheduly, it's an online application which manages your time. It's as simple as one - two - three. You have a business, you publish so that maximum people come across it and know more about you. Then, Scheduly provides your clients to pick the timing in accordance to their convenience. What you can do is show the widget on your page, blog, website which will show the visitor you schedule for the day according the location, so when they'll know your timing, they can schedule online meetings or take appointments. So, now you don't have to manage your appointments, your clients can schedule online appointments with you. Isn't that easy  ?
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