Tuesday, May 18, 2010

The Manchurian Candidate

Again, i found this movie while i was wandering around IMDB looking for some good movies. As Denzel Washington is one of my fav actors, well, actually he would easily top that list. So, i was looking for a Denzel Washington movie, which i came across this one...............and you know what was the plus point to this one. It also has Meryl Streep in the cast. Now, i think this is the only Denzal - Meryl movie made. Though, can't confirm it.

Talking about the movie, The Manchurian Candidate is a remake of a 1962 classic, named the same. Looking at the star cast of the movie, i was talking to myself that i have to watch this movie. So, got down to the local video library to get one.....and saw it this weekend.


I don't think you have anything to say, if you see Denzel Washington and Meryl Streep in the cast. My expectations from the movie raised to another level, just by looking at the star cast it had. Another good performer in the star cast was Liev Schreiber, who is very convincing in his character as "Raymond Shaw".

About The Movie

The movie starts in middle of Gulf War......where a small troop of soldiers is cornered by the enemy. Cut-to a few years later, Denzel(Major Marco) is praising Liev(Raymond) of his bravery and how he saved lives of other member of their team. Raymond Shaw receives the Medal of Honor for his bravery, the highest a soldier can get. But somewhere in the unconscious mind of Major Ben Marco, there is a dream that on that night......nothing like that happened. That, Raymond Shaw was not the person who saved them. 

One day, Ben Marco meets a man who was with him on that night. The guy also tells the Ben Marco about the strange dreams he has been having. Major Marco is amazed cause whatever the guy tells is the same as he used to see in his dreams. Now, he starts investigating about the whole issue. Raymond Shaw, son of Senetor Eleanor Shaw(Meryl Streep), is standing in the presidential Election. Major Marco tries to get in touch with Raymond but whenever is does, he couldn't convince Raymond about his dreams. While searching for evidence, Marco comes across a dark truth which leaves him in a shock. There is a Manchurian Trust, which was responsible of all this. They have hypnotized Raymond Shaw and since the gulf was night, have been manipulating his mind, something similar to what they did to him and his team member too.

He finds out that Manchurian group people are trying to put a person, on the president's seat, who is like a robot of their own.

How does Major Marco comes around this whole mess? Does Raymond Shaw know what he is doing? What is this whole Manchurain Trust?

Good Things

You can count every bodies performance as a big plus point to the movie. Movie has a good storyline and also has some thrill to it.

Bad Points

Not so convincing Screenplay and Direction. The movie also feels incomplete cause at the end, you still have more questions....which are left unanswered.
Movies pace is slow too. Think there were a few moments which could have been deleted especially because it's a long movie.....more than 2 hours.

At the end, though it's a good movie, however i won't recommend it to people who like watching comedies and fun movies, there is nothing in this movie for you people.

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