Friday, May 14, 2010

For dogs

This incident is couple from a couple of days ago. I was walking to my office when i saw a girl walking her dog out of the Vet clinic. As the dog was walking out, he lost the balance and tripped off the stairs too. It was so sad to see that. The dog was really sick. He was barely walking. The girl had to pick him up and put into the car cause he was very weak to do so. I think i only felt the 10% of what the girl must be feeling. I feel sorry for them.

I would like to suggest to all the people having any pet to take good care of them. Take them to vet for regular check ups. One good chain of vet's i have came across is frontline for dogs. Good food, regular work out and many more things. I have also heard that some of the companies making dog food have or will be raising the prices.
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