Saturday, April 24, 2010

Jaane Kaha Se Aayi Hai - Let's Send Her Back From Where That Came From

I won't say that i saw this movie with a lot of expectation. But what i anticipated for was a simple, sweet love story. Is that too much to ask for?

In the end of the credits, you'll see a name Milap Zaveri, who is responsible for the Direction, Screenplay, Story and i think i couple of more things. In short, he is responsible for why this movie turned out to be a disaster in the first place.


The cast of the movie is tempting. I have respect for Reitesh Deshmukh, i find him as a good actor with an awesome comic timing and was expecting something similar in this movie too. Jaqueline Fernandes is very much like Katrina kaif, she needs to improve a lot. I think she can be sent of some acting school and then she can think of acting after some 3-4 years. She is just used as a showgirl in the movie. They gave her good dresses to wear and then made her walk in front of the camera. Asking her to do wired stuff in front of the camera. Watch out for the scene when Jaqueline Fernandes, as an alien sees television for the first time and start doing same things like dancing like Indian movie actors. That felt kind of stupid and funny. Sonal Sehgal and Ruslaan Mumtaaz were all over acting. Satish Shah is portraying a sexually frustrated father Ritesh, look for the moment when Satish shah is showing an album of girls pictures for Ritesh to choose, so that they can arrange their marriage but starts talking dirty about them. 

High Points

Wish, i could write atleast one good thing about the movie but can't, if, i do, it'll be called cheating which i'm won't do. Yea, but wait for the next section of "Low Points" that will have a lot of read about.

Low Points

1. The sole reason or the major reason for why this movie sucks is the story. It's a stupid story. An alien coming to Earth to find love which they have lost on their planet. Though, it may seem like a good enough reason to make a movie but it's a shitty shitty execution of ideas and that's why i call this movie a disaster.

2. I have always known, director is like the captain of the team and if the execution of the ideas go wrong then it's only the captain or director who's going wrong that's what Milap Zaveri did. Though, he is responsible for writing a bad story too and producing a even worse screenplay.

3. Really bad dialogs. The dialogs of the movie are so cheesy. Watch for dialogs given to "Ruslaan Mumtaaz", all of them at the lowest best. Some dialogs gave me the feeling as they were picked up from some "Casanova" kind of novel.

4. Performances from every character sucked. Characterization in the movie also at the it's level worst. Supriya Pilgoankar, such an wonderful actress wasted in the movie. There was nothing in the character given to her, such was the characterization in the movie.

5. Bad music. I music of the movie is another thing which you can curse after coming out of the theater.

This is certainly one of those movie which i regret watching. I'm rating this movie only for the people who were behind the camera.....i mean technicians and the spot boys and others.

2/10 (2 point are for those people)
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