Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Alice In Wonderland -- But Nothing Wonderful About It

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I was always excited about this movie with all the cast and Tim Button already done some superb work. The hype was big with the movie. Before, even hitting the theater the movie was said to be sure shot hit, which i doubt now. After the first weekend when the movie was released, the grossed more than Avatar in the first 3 days which came as a big surprise. I wasn't expecting that much of a turn on from this movie but the genre of fantasy movies is way much hotter than ever now a days.

Tim Burton 
This is the fourth Tim Burton movie i saw. I have loved all the first three with Sweeny Todd being my personal favorite of him till now. This is not something i'm just saying but he has something different with his way of direction. Just watch a couple of his movies like Sweeny Todd, Big Fish or anyother.....you see a difference or the touch of Tim Burton. He bring a different kind of imagination or fantasy to his movies. He is one of his kind director.

He did good work with this movie too.......but the movie lacked good script. I won't the movie lacked good direction. The movie looked really good on the screen.

Tim Burton rolled in some of the best in the biz and i think the most appropriate people to play the character. I think Tim has some contract with Johnny Depp and Helena Bonham Carter. This is the third movie they are doing together after Corpse Bride and Sweeny Todd. 
Johnny Depp was perfect in the Mad Hatter's character. The character is a bit wicked and kind of mad but as Alice told in the movie to hatter "All the best people are a bit mad". And do not miss the Futterwacking my Mad Hatter in the end. Some of the high points of the movie.

Helena the best i can in the lot. Her performance as the Red Queen was the one which stood out among all in the movie. She is funny, cruel and romantic and you kind of hate each of those emotion on her and think that is what she wanted to do.

 Anne Hathway though as the White Queen she didn't had much to do but she did good job. Especially the way she walks and talks in the movie. You need to watch the movie to understand what i'm saying here.

Mia Wasikowska was good but could have been better. Though she portrayed character of Alice, the tomboy kind of character and confused want to do with life, pretty well. 

The Movie

Though, for the people who have read or remember reading the book, this won't be any surprise. Though they have the story in hand but the script was pretty weak.
Sometimes the movies becomes dull. The worst or weakest part was the climax where Alice and Jabberwocky which finished pretty fast. I was hoping of some turnarounds or twists but found the climax very easy.


Alice In Wonderland is an average movie. Good for people like me who don't remember anything about the fantasy story. Movie is a good revival for those who forgot everything. But still it could have been better.


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