Monday, February 1, 2010

Smiley Face

Man, the weekend was awesome. Friday night, i left my office with hell lot of work to complete before Tuesday because of which i thought of coming back and complete it on weekend though it's off day for me and knowing that i won't be getting paid for the over time.

Leaving that behind, Saturday was awesome. Not only i fixed the issue with was irritating me the whole Friday ......but also i got a paid task from a blogger community which paid me a lot of money. It was the second highest paid task i have ever done. Both of the incidents made my day. Suddenly, i felt so happy deep within my heart.

When i was traveling back home, the whole world seemed to be happy. Whomever i saw, was either smiling and enjoying life. My home is some 6-8 KM from office and i didn't even see one sad face or person suffering of misery. Now this is really rare.

Then i thought, it isn't the world which i all of a sudden happy today, it's obviously me. Then i realized, no one cares about what the world it doing. If you are happy the world is happy, i you feel sad...the whole world seems to be a hell.

Then to make up for the happy moments i had missed .............i enjoyed the whole Saturday. Didn't thought for a single moment what and why i'm buying things till it was making me happy. I bought thing which i'm sure i would never buy because of the price or the money issue.

Advice from the Wise :- When you are happy do the things you want to, don't restrict yourself from anything for any reason, as they say......JUST DO IT........obviously a happy day would be the best day for not easy to lift your mood on a bad day.

Ohh, and one more thing i want to add......there is a movie named "Smiley Face" starring Anna Faris of the best Anna Faris movie......go watch it.

Till next time ......... Keep ..... \,,,/
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