Friday, February 19, 2010

"Now suddenly Flowers are Girly"

"Now suddenly Flowers are Girly"

I remember this quote from FRIENDS, when Chandler wants them(Monica) to use their Wedding China for the Thanks Giving Dinner and Monica tell that she exchanged the "pink flowery" one Chandler picked to the they used and then Chandler says "Now suddenly Flowers are Girly".

Well, yea flowers are girly......what were you thinking? My personal view, i don't even like the way flowers smell. Don't know why.......never liked that....unpleasant smell. But that never came in my way of gifting it some girl because they like it. Anyways, i don't think any guy would to spend much on the first date and regret after word when the "things" doesn't work out and he feels that all the money went in vain.

So it's stupid to spent money on expensive dinner date when you could simple gift some flowers and take her out for drinks or may be not that expensive dinner date. It is as effective as the earlier one. Also, now i have found out a place where you can send flowes online and get them delivered. That would really surprise her......
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