Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Courage is what we all need

Today, i read a story about a girl who fought and turned her disability to her strength. You can also read her story Aimee Mullins gives a new significance to the concept of disability. because i'll be posting just a small excerpt from the courageous story i read.

Aimee Mullins, her both legs were amputated at an early age of just one. Though every moment of her life was a fight to make her life normal but it could never be. Her extraordinary courage to live life landed her at places where normal people can only dream about. I guess she was never meant to live and normal life. There was something extraordinary for her.  Aimee Mullins has done fashion shows for Alexander McQueen, worked with Matthew Barney, and like the athlete Oscar Pistorius,showing her potential to the real world.

Read her or watch her video on the link i provided. Nothing less than extraordinary you'll get there.
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