Tuesday, January 19, 2010


Hey All,

I want Announce that cause a mix of some prior commitments and argent work......i will not be dropping Entrecard cards .....that means will not be visiting bloggers from Entrecard. This is hard to me because i was kind of got addicted to it...........But this is the chance i have to take.

I would also like to tell to the readers of my blog that....i won't be stopping posting new things about my life.......that i'll continue. Again would like to thank Entrecard community who have been really helpful for bringing my blog's Alexa to 69,990.

I'm also posting my top 10 Droppers for the month of December, though it's kind of late ....but as my motto has always been "It's never too late". I'm also sending 500 EC's to blog who is on top of Dropping List and 300 EC's for topping Click's List.

Thanks you all of  being here and will come back as soon as the work is completed.


1-                                                            2-

3-                                                            4-

5-                                                                  6-

7-                                                                          8-

9-                                                                         10-


1-                                                                                    2-
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