Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Surrogacy In India

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I read this incident in the newspaper and then also saw a report in the prime time news today. Surrogate Mother's and surrogate laws in India are obsolete. The news is that there is a German couple who came to India and signed a contract with the surrogate mother in India in accordance to the Indian Law of Surrogacy or something else they call it. By which, after the birth of the child, the child is adopted by the father and mother.

The Case

As the twins have been born, all kind of issues are rising now. First, the couple who signed the contract are not together now, means divorced. The twins won't get a German citizenship cause its not the German couple's children naturally. Then, cause the children are born in India and has a Indian mother so they are Indian Citizen. But because of whatever the conditions where there in the contract, the babies aren't granted the Indian Citizenship too. Father wants to adopt the kids but Indian law doesn't let a single father adopt a child. This is a pretty complicated case but i'm thinking about the babies, to be precise, the disowned children. People who have disowned the child and people who want the child but can't have the child legally.

Similar Case A Year And Some Months Back (Baby Manjhi)

A Japnesse couple came to India for a surrogate mother. They did get one. But before the child was born, the couple got divorced. The mother who gave birth to the girl child, also disowned her. Now, when the father applied for the adoption, he couldn't get it because Indian Law won't let a single father adopt a kid. Then the mother in law of the father came in to save the girl. One of the sad thing was, the girl was left alone for more than 10 days in the hospital without anyone from both side. It took months to legally get the girl to Japan.

Finding surrogate mothers in India is really easy and cheap. By whatever i have searched about it, i got figures like $12,000 to $30,000 they charge to be the surrogate mother. Women rent their womb for people who can't conceive a child. Looking at it from one angle, makes it one of the biggest favor it can be for anyone. But of the other side........now its developing like some business. With no such rules or laws for the this surrogate process, people are doing anything they want.

At the end, i find it pretty disappointing. The only thing i would suggest to make some new laws for it so that the new born babies don't suffer by the consequences like being disowned.
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