Thursday, December 24, 2009

On Christmas Eve

Hey All,

Merry no the Merriest Christmas to you all. As you all know, India is a secular country and we welcome all kind of different religion. That's why whatever festival or occasion it is, it is celebrated here. Also, as you know, I live in Bengaluru or Banglore(know better as). Bengaluru is a Metropolitan city and also called the technology hub of India as most of the world's biggest companies have their India bases here. Also once Obama used the phrase that he wants the job in US to not be Banglored which now means outsourced now. I'm not praising but wanted to tell that all different kinds of people live in this part of the world. You find all religions and respective religious festivals are celebrated.

I'm not a Christan and sadly i don't even have a Christan friend and i'm not talking about you all blogger friends. I know you people are all my friends....... :)

I live alone in the city. There are like 3-4 people i know here with whom i can go out.......but out of those 4, three flew home cause of the vacation and the only one left has examz onn. So, i can't really go out, unless i want to go alone. Though i have a planned a shopping spree for Christmas ,for me not for others.

Yea, i stayed home on Christmas eve. People say loners do that only but in my defense, i don't have friends here second i saw the match between India and Sri Lanka which India Won.

Anyways, enough of sob all enjoy your Christmas and pray i can too.......

Merry Christmas ....... hoo hoo hoooooooooo

Also, if you want to track SANTA then check this.
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