Friday, December 18, 2009

Beach Trip 2 - Om Beach

Hey All,

First of all, this is 300th me celebrating the 300 post on THE WAY IT IS. Thank you all for being here and your support.

Moving on, this is the part where i reach the beach. This is the second post in the series of three. We reached the place Gokarna in the morning about 10 AM IST. Being this my first trip to the beach, i was confused to what to do first because there is an ancient temple right in the middle of the city and some 300 meter away from the nearest beach. So what we decided was to go to the beach.....get wet, come back to the room and bathe and then go to the temple. Though, i'm not into religion, you can say i'm atheist but i love the history of India and the religion. I hate idolatry. Leaving that are the pics from the Gokarna Beach.


Because, it was the first time at beach, that why my eyes were burning cause of the salty water but that didn't stop me from enjoying.

In the background, the OM BEACH, place we came for. This is the second beach if you coming from north to south and there are two more in the row named - NEW MOON Beach and PARADISE Beach. Though, Om beach is the largest but all the beach are peaceful and clean. This is place is some 100-150 KM from GOA, which has the most famous beaches in India that's why this place is not crowded. Here, we got what we wanted peace for two days. The place didn't even had mobile network coverage.

There were a lots of tourists here. You can say they were more in number that the natives. As the day started ending, it didn't even felt like many, white, tanned :) .......When talked to them found people were coming from all parts of India to this place. From Gulf Countries, Argentina, Greece, Portugal, Korea etc. Best part.....all were very satisfied by the their trip. Imagine when some body tells you your country and people are great huhhhh......yea, had that feeling.

People mostly come to India after retirement or if they are young, then to find peace. They get involved into religious activities too. I feel that strange.

That's my friend writing I LOVE YOU in Vietnamese. For the obvious reason that his girl friend is from Vietnam.

So this is pretty much it rite now. Hope, you like it. If not , please leave comment you that i can improve. Thanks for visiting by and keep waiting for the last post of the series of my beach trip. Saved the best for the last.
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