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Hey All,

The date is changing and this year, date change also bring a new year also a new it's the best time to wish all of loved one's to have a great decade. This has been really dynamic or rather eventful year for me and that's what i'm planning to do with this post. Rather than reviewing the year, i'll just put the story of the year. It has been a great blogging year, especially the last quarter. For that, i'm thankful to all of you. Love you all.

31'st December 2008

Yea, i remember that day or the night to be specific. Just some history first, my last job was as a tech support for Bank of America. So last year, i was on job. Yea, only 3 people were there working rather taking call and out of those 3, i was the only one on call at the stroke of the new year. We did had other people on floor but they were there to celebrate. Any way, yes i was on call with a man on other side. He called in with an issue but he seemed busy. I asked about it. So he told, there was some football match on TV and he didn't wanted to miss it. So i told him to go watch the match and i'll work on his computer and will let him know when it's done. I also greeted the guy Happy 2009 at the end. This was one of those unusual 00:00 of any 1st January's.

January 2009

January was good. Because it was "come back to work" month after the holiday season, like every year, so we were expecting a lot of calls with issues. January was the best month of my last job cause based on that performance i was awarded the best employee of the month and above all got the prize money. [Happy]. Best thing, i won the SPOT AWARD by EDS(now, HP) in only my third month of job. Other than that, i came close to my colleagues on floor with whom i'm still a friend's with and call regularly. See, i'm a good friend and i do stay for long.

Feburary 2009
I received the cash, so it was all party party with two of my close friends celebrating their Birthday's. There isn't anything other i remember specifically. Whatever, it wasn't even the longest of the months.

March 2009

I started feeling wasted at the new job. Being Computer Science Graduate, a tech support was never my dream job. I also felt of it as an intermediate phase, so that i can learn the industry till the time i get something substantial. I lost fun of working. So i started looking for new jobs.

April 2009

I saw the first window to move to a new city and new world. I got an offer from the another city, known as the "IT Hub of India", Bengaluru (Banglore, earlier). I came down to south India for the first time and also it was my first experience of flying. Though, it wasn't that good.....cause i threw up in while landing and as far as i could see in the plane, i was the only person. So it felt very embarrassing cause there were children and old people who didn't do the same. Anyways, the interview went good and i was offered the job. So, then it was my decision to when to leave the last job and to join the new one. Sat with parents and took decision to move to the new city.

May 2009

Resigned from the last job. Moved to the new city, away from family and friends. Joined the company on 6th of May. Felt very reluctant to work and missed family and friends a lot in the first week or so. Took on my first assignment at the new job and started working slowly.

June 2009

Moved out of my cousin's place and moved in with one of my schoolmate. Now, i felt the real independence when i had to buy grocery, vegi's, laundry etc. Also completed my first assignment in the same month, it took almost 2 months.

July 2009

Well don't remember much about this month other than a couple of treats we all office guys got from one person of the office who was getting married the coming month. Those were nice events to get in touch with the office people and team members.

Augest 2009

Celebrated first Raksha Bandhan away from home. It started the phase where i spent all the major festivals alone. Also, the same month sees Independence day of India. Also bought my first Kurta which i never worn before that day. One of my another schoolmate moved in with us. Now we were 3 and living in that place was more fun.

September 2009

Came back to blogging more seriously this time. Spent much time to attract to get more and more readers and making friends in blogging community which now i think i succeeded. The third guy moved out and ultimately which let to the last we two to split. So i started looking for a new place which i did find on the 20th Sep.

October 2009

For starters, i moved out from friends place and moved in to the new place with a new roomie. The month ended with me spending my first Birthday away from family. Good thing, it was the first one where i celebrated it at the stroke of midnight when i friends asked me to stay with them for the night and i cut cake at 00:00 AM. My first in my short life.....not that short that....officially i was 23 that day.

November 2009

November was a bad month talking about the work specifically. Don't have much to talk about it.

December 2009

First week, i had my first beach trip. Also got my first blog award from June Zach. The month was quite good. Got in touch with some old friends. The best part....came close to many blogger friends.

So friends this was my year 2009. Though you may find it boring but it is my life and it can be boring.

Thanks for coming by and always remember...i love you all.

Ending with we all \,,/

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