Friday, November 27, 2009


Hey All,

Its a nice day in Bengaluru, Karnataka, India. It's a bright sunny day and i have enjoyed the day till now. There are a couple of good things happened. India won the game against Sri Lanka and it was not just a win, it was a big win with an Inning and 144 runs. If you don't know anything about cricket, then let me tell you again that it's a huge win.

Another good thing i found about, which makes my browser faster and convenient. Here's what it is called 3X3 Link. What it does is that it makes shortcuts from your kepboard and when you have an browser and when you press the shortcut key from the keyboard, bam it opens the website for you.

Its quite simple, convenient and fast and no one takes you to your
href="">homepage faster.

My Fav Things

1- Convenient
2- Simplicity
3- Performance

Some Suggestions

1- Add more webpages
2- Some more information about the service

I was so impressed by the whole idea they have came up with that i decided to add a review of it for my readers. Would like to suggest it to all the readers to make your surfing faster. Make shortcuts to your favorite webpages like Facebook, Orkut, Yahoo, Google, Twitter, Hi5, Myspace

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