Tuesday, November 24, 2009

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Hey All, 

This is, i think is the best season for blog hopping. Especially with Entrecard. Maximum blogs in Entrecard are from US or Eastern Asia (Directions in accordance to India). It covers all of the Christan nation of the world and with Christmas round the cornor and Thanks Giving in a few weeks, so get to see a lot pictures, video's, people decorating their houses and Christmas tree all around.

I love the festive season. In India, this isn't the festive season.....by the way....it just passed....last month was full of Indian Festivals. When there's a festival around the cornor....the air smells different. Yea, you should know that.........cause you will be celebrating soon.

India, being a secular nation in the world, enjoys all kind of festivals whom so ever religion it belongs to. Indian's unites only on three occasions- When some attacks our country like Pakistan and China have made attempts, When Indian Cricket Team is playing and Whenever there is a festival. This may sound funny to you but take my words it isn't though it is the best feeling, i think.

Back to all of my readers, I checked my blog traffic stats, which showed more than 60% of my traffic comes from United States............and 20% Philippines....... LOVE YOU PEOPLE and want to thank you all on the eve of Thanks Giving Day. Enjoy this Thanks Giving with friends and family and more than that....the people you love.

Hey, i almost forgot the best things about the festivals. GIFTS, PRESENTS, SURPRISES whatever you call it, i love it. You may say its for kids but hey, then i'm still a kid at heart. And parents, it's not easy to easy to not open gifts till everybody gathers or till the D day.

I would like to give some suggestions for the gifts you may buy for your loved one's, partners, spouses(sorry only spouse), babies, toddlers etc. My god, i just reallized when you think of gifting......then there are so many people around you.

OK, You can buy all kinds of Gift. Here, is a place call SHOPWIKI ...... it's kind of wikipedia of shops. These people have what i say is the massive reach among online shops. They are real professionals in the field and successful. They pull up results from all kind of shops available on the internet which bring variety to you and competition to the seller. Which actually means you can get best prices on all kind of things. You may never know ...... what unique gift you may find through them.

Check out the unique collections they have and hell lot of categories.

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