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September's Top Dropper's

Hey All Droppers,

Today is the 2nd of October. It's a national holiday in INDIA because today was the day in 1869, when the greatest man of Indian history was born Mahatama Mohan Das Karamchand Gandhi and also the Birthday of one of India's great great Prime Misiter Shri. Lal Bahadur Shastri. Its early morning here, and i'm collecting the information to post the september's top droppers.

1- Vanilla Seven (30)

Showcases of photography, idea, concept, design, graphic, environment, architecture, interior and art.

My Take -: Awesome Photography............look out for the pictures and equally well written life experiences.

2- The Ad Master(30)

Tons of Tips and Tricks to help you advertise online. From lists of free traffic resources to advice on keyword placement and link building.

My Take :- Think the best i have seen in recent time for some who's starting to blog to know the tricks and tips.

3- Juliana's Bits & Pieces (30)

All about Gifts.

My Take:- Are You looking for something you can gift to someone, you can find the best suggestions.

4 - Ungkutan (30)

Ungkutan aims to bring Filipinos anywhere in the world into a single community where they can meet friends and do anything. They can buy and sell things, discuss any topic they want, find jobs, catch up on the latest news, etc.

My Take :- The "everything you'll get" blog be it personal, nation wise, life etc. There's many thing you can read about.

5 - Computer Aid (28)

Interesting PC problems encountered by a Computer Tech. Plus some other stuff :-)

My Take :- What you want to know about computer's? huh???? well don't tell me....tell them......they can help you. Their reviews about the new things coming into market is really helpful.

6 - Bible Examples (27)

Practical lessons based on Bible examples.

My Take :- I'm not a christan but i like to read the stories on this blog. It's not all about religion (what i think), it's about being a good person.

7 - Daisy The Curly Cat (27)

A photo-journal from Daisy, the Devon Rex cat. She's a good cat, but she's not always a nice cat! Visit daily to see her zany antics and adventures.

My Take :- Daisy is kind of standard, i believe. If you know Daisy then you're a blogger, if not, then you are faking. Everybody know daisy and her mom in this world of blog. Daisy is especial, she does so many things. Also when i visited her today, she's promoting another puggle.

8- Tekkaus (27)

Your one stop destination for everything! Entertainment, music, movies, health, lifestyle, technology updates and everything about me! Live Life!

My Take :- He carry out all different things. You'll find everything as he told in the description Music, entertainment, awareness, technology etc. Great and popular page.

9 - Rebellious Arab Girl (27)

Open your arms to change, but don't let go of your values.

My Take :- Another "standard" blog, you don't know her, you don't exist. She has great content on the blog. Really very engaging and addictive. Some time i also feel kind of scared by thinking and reading her posts, thinking what'll i do if i go through the same. One of the honest blogger's i know.

10- All Stace, All The Time (27)

My insane life and times filled with teen drama, marital comedy and realizing that 600 miles away from my insane family still isn't far enough!

My Take :- She's new to me. Haven't read a lot of her but whatever i did, was exciting. She is funny, this last QnA she did was really interesting. Best wishes.....and hope can visit her regular.


1- Comatised

Dreaming in digital.

My Take :- You like reading personal blogs? Well this is one i'd recommend to all, even i'm quit frequest to this blog.

2- Mariuca's Perfume Gallery (71)

A freelance copywriter working from home. Loves cats, collecting perfumes & daydreaming! Writes about anything under the sun. From hobbies and food to love and life, MPG has it all!

My Take :- Another standard blog, You don't know..Mariuca ...!!!! I don't believe you.

3- My Life's Perception and Inspiration (61)

She didn't write much in the description, so let me tell that this is a great blog. You can follow the Dias family here. Demcy, her hubby and cute little girl Akesha( Skeye Cat !!!!!) I'm still laughing......\,,,/

4 - Rick's World of Compelling Raw Truths (53)

This is a story of survival. It's about homelessness, alcohol, and drugs, and about life in these United States, from the perspective of someone who has been there and done that.

My Take :- Really good content. Awareness is there. Trying to pass the right message across as many people possible. Liked the blog.

5- Pregnancy and Cancer (43)

My blog documents my experience of discovering I was pregnant, had cancer, going through chemo, delivery, radiation, remission and beyond.

My Take :- The encouraging real life story you'll ever see and just know and read about them is such an amazing feeling. Follow Sandi and Gabbi Bender on this blog. Gabbi the miracle girl. Always hoping the best for them. \,,,/
Look at Gabbi in the pic, isn't the cutest girl you have ever seen?

Especial Thanks To

Turn-u-Off (Maxi Comments)

Turn u off is just the name...........there isn't anything which will turn you off. Her posts have been exicting. I try to be frequently visit her, read her. Even if i miss one day......i'll surely cover up next day. Amazing gal. Thanks Mon........\,,,/

Thanks to all the people mention here. Lastly I want to tell that I'm missing one person here.

MAMA FLO ............ I hope she is ignoring blogging because she is busy having fun. \,,,/

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