Friday, October 9, 2009

Riding In Cars With Boys

I saw this movie last night. I have seen this earlier but this is the third time i saw it and its not cause i didn't get. I saw it three times cause i like the movie and i love Drew Barrymore. Especially, this movie of Drew.

This movie was really out of the blue for Drew because she had established a image of a girl seen upon as a comedian or a romantic movie actoress. But after this movie everybody started taking her seriously. I think many people would have gone to see this movie expecting a comedy but where disapointed but good disapointment, because with this movie Drew tamed a new realm of acting and not only tamed it but nailed it really good.

This movie is about the struggle of talent girl who falls at different steps of her life which leads to different twists and turns. I have always read a praise "When a good book is released, read it before some director destroys and makes a movie out of it". But i never liked reading a book, am not into reading that's why i have seen a lot of movies based on different books.

This movie is really gripping. Not only thrillers and action are gripping, if drama and romantic movie also need that ingredient to keeps its viewers to their seats. So again back to the movie, this movie always keeps you at your seat's edge to know what's going to happen now?

This movie boasts of awesome performance by Drew Barrymore playing the lead character of Beverly Donofrio. She is a typical American high school who falls in love with some and they guy didn't return the same. Then she find a guy, who doesn't matches her expectation but yes he loves her more than anything. Then, Beverly gets knocked up by the guy when she was still in her teens which leads her to marry the guy and also dropping the idea to be a college graduate for the time. Then creeps in the issues which happens with every married couple. Her husband is a drugie and is most of the time high. He is not able to support the family on his own. Bev thinks he would be a bad influence to her young boy. So they get apart, then how she brings her kid or rather the kid brings her up. The kid playing Jason in the movie was also good especially the small one. I tried out find out his name but the cast has many different name of the character Jason.

A few moments from the movie i liked were, when Bev dances for Jason on his fav song to make him happy and distract from his father screaming cause of the pain. Then their is one when she in an interview with jason and everything screws up.

This movie is really good with good direction. I want to give a thumbs up to the director Penny Marshall.
Steven Zahn is also the best things about the movie. His character was really good and he did full justice to the character. I have seen a lot of him movies but out of the couple of i have, this is the best the of Steven Zahn. His character is the one you'll bring home and will be in your mind.

Strongly recommend this movie and for Drew lovers watch it now.
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