Saturday, September 19, 2009

Race To Witch Mountain

Yea, its a saturday...............and my plan was following :-

1 - Go to the Computer Warehouse and buy a RAM for my really old computer(yea, its been 5 years with this one......and you don't want to know the configuration of this one cause you'll cry)

2 - Complete some unfinished movies and the serial How I Met Your Mother season one.

But here's how it went:-

1 - I woke 2 hours late
2 - Cook came and made food.............which later i discovered.....wasn't i told him to make.
3 - My phone's charger broke.....think its fused or something.....whatever not useful anymore.
4 - I couldn't get another no phone.....couldn't contact the person i was going out with and the big plan to upgrade my computer canceled till Tuesday.
5 - One good thing, i completed How I Met Your Mother season one.
6 - I saw Race To Witch Mountain, terrible move......don't watch it. I'm a Dwayne Johnson and Anna Sophia Robb(from Bridge To Terabithia)

The day is not over yet.....but i don't expect much now. I'll watch some more movies and T.V.

You people enjoy your Saturday....\,,,/
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