Thursday, June 26, 2008

Sydney White – Amanda Bynes Is One Of My Fav Teens

I have seen Amanda and liked her in the movie “She’s the man”. That movie was also very good like this one. And both the movie has that especial content “Amanda”. She brought so much of life into the characters she played in both the movies. She was so much convincing in both the movies it felt that she is same in her real life too, may be, cause I don’t know.

This movie is real good with some of the famous and popular contents of teen movies like bitching, romance, mean girls etc. I like the humor of the movie. Other than Amanda I like Sara Paxton and some of the roomies of Sydney.

The story of the movie is very much like the fairy tale where there is a beautiful girl, waiting for her prince charming, entrapped by an evil lady. I’m not going to reveal more on the story cause of its predictability, yea the story is very predictable but still this the movie is good.

7/10 stars

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