Saturday, June 28, 2008

Delhi’s First Gay Parade

Homosexuality doesn’t have the same status in India as in other countries of the world where there are proper laws defined like the gay marriages. Also homosexuality isn’t new to India. I have read about some prince was thrown out of the family just cause he admitted that he was a homosexual. There also been many incidents where homosexuals were not allowed to live normal lives. Have heard some incidents where the said to be “normal” people beat or kill the other “abnormal” people.
What is with this abnormal tag…..???? Discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation. People just don’t want to get near to a homosexual man or woman. Don’t know what they think of them. These are people just like us who can do work as well as we do. The problem with the “normal” people is that they aren’t open to homosexuals. They don’t want to talk to them, not even try to face them. Homosexuality is a truth of present time and please, stop believing that its some kind of disease. Same kind of discrimination was seen in cases of AIDS infected people when people didn’t want to get close to them.
Some of my not so serious experiences of what people think of homosexual, was when I found out what my friends think of homosexuals. I’m a movie freak, like to watch movies as many as I can that’s why I’m open to all kind of movies. So this one time me and my friends were discussing about the movies we have seen. When I told them about the movies that I have seen which contains or based on homosexuality like Gia, Brokeback mountain, their expression was like “why are you watching these kinda movies…..don’t you these are gay movies… not something for us” and all kind of stuff. It was a long discussion. At the end I realized that now a day men fear homosexuals cause homosexual have induced a fear into men what was earlier induced by men in to women.
The fear, I’ll tell you this with an incident my friend gone though. One day me and other 3 of my friend was on a highway trying our luck for a lift a home before the bus arrives. So after some time, on the highway, a super sexy car stops. A red colored skoda. We asked him if he can drop us 4 to some place but he said he will only take one of us. So one of us, who was in a hurry cause of he had some class to attend, took it. Then after a day when I met the my friend he told me that that guy was a gay and after sometime they left us at that point he started flirting and getting a bit physical with him but he retaliated and asked him to stop.
The person didn’t do anything then on but when he was telling me the whole incident I could see the fear in his eyes. Something normal to a girl. Now a days most of guys don’t go alone on the highway, try to avoid lonely lifts or get someone to go through them or take a bus when alone. My friend never got on the highway alone again.
This post is to support the fact that discrimination should be stopped. People shouldn’t be discriminated on their sexual orientation. I don’t have any personal experience to share related to this but still I know that it is practiced. Also as I’m not a professional in writing, so would like to apologize if somebody get hurt with this post.
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