Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Khuda Ke Liye – Longer We Waited, More The Sweeter The Fruit Is

40 years after, atlast a Pakistani movie is released in India and it was really worth waiting for so long. This movie is the out of the League movie. Being Indian, I have seen many movies were the moviemaker’s tried to lift above the religion and present a story where they can show equality and freedom in society or our nation or any nation. But this is the best of them. There was also another of this kind of movie based on riots in India which was also very effective. 

This movie is awesome with its music, story and purpose obviously the bottomline of the movie. Taking on music, the music is beautiful ranging and covering most of the genres of music in this part of the world. “Bandeya” was my personal favorite, which flaunts the fusion of two different genres of music, which came up really good. Other songs with “sufiana” style are heavenly.

The way the story starts, I mean the first scene, when a Muslim man scolds his said to be Muslim friend for letting her daughter date an English boy. It made me exciting and I was already thinking of what would be the climax of the movie. This movie shows two very different stories, simultaneously and beautifully. This movie depicts which may be said as the two major problems of Islam one is other non-Islamic countries and people look upto them as terrorist and the other is misrepresentation of Islam among Muslim people. 

The dialogs in the movie are very fulfilling. You can really feel the naturalness in the dialogs. There are not some hi-flying discussions where people are flaunting their knowledge or vocabulary with out any reason. Personally I liked the dialogs of the misguiding Maulana and Nassi-udin-shah ji in the movie.
Well this movie is really a treat with some moral as its metaphor.
9 stars out of 10 from my side.
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