Saturday, March 8, 2008

The Sisterhood Of The Traveling Pants – Friends Forever

As I said in the last post and will say again “I have been really lucky with movies I watch as all turned out, till now, fabulous ”. This is movie is another one in the long string of fabulous movies I saw.

The movie beautifully depicts the beautiful relationship of friendship and at the same time also explores the other parts and emotions of life. The movie starts with 4 BFF’s (read best friends). The have been together in low’s and high’s of each others life. At 17 year, all are trying to do something new in this summer vacations. So Lena decides to see her grandparents in Greece, Carmen decides to visit her Dad who lived in different state after the divorce, Bridget decides to join soccer training camp and Tibby decides to stay at home and work on her documentary. On the eve of the day they were separating they find a pair of jeans which surprisingly fits all four of them, surprising cause they were of different shape and sizes.
They decide to share this pair of jeans and believed this pair of jeans will bring luck to the life of the girls. Then what and how the jeans bring to their life? Is the plot of the story.
This movie is a beautiful woven movie that’s why it can make you cry, make you smile and make you feel all the emotions presented on the screen.
Cheers to all the girls in movie. They all were more than good in the movie. Would certainly like to write the names of the girls here –

Lena – Alexis Bledel
Tibby – Amber Tambyln
Bridget – Blake Lively
Carmen – America Ferrera

This movie is highly recommended.

8stras/ 10
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